GENETIC VARIATIONSproject for art D’Egypt Pellizzari continues his research presenting two more unique version of the Genetic Variations project. The piece is made with 300 unique pieces cast and hand blown. The “bowls” are typically used for the creation of the historic “Ca Rezzonico” Venitian chandeliers . These elements create a snake that culminates, changing, into a large glass palm. After the realization, the pieces are sandblastedone by one to obtain a white satin effect. The work is illuminated by a latestgeneration neon LED system that allows a minimum use of energy and is alsodifferently assimilated and can adapt to different environments. The strength of this material, which comes from natural elements such as sand and fire skilfullyworked by Venetian masters, also lies in the value of its potentially infinite cyclicality that allows it to be melted and shaped again.