Man SS 22

Reflexive states in search of the new while remaining strongly rooted in the past, in a reconstruction of decay, for a future that is still uncertain but alive, full of desire for life, escape and desire to love.
Love as the fulcrum of everything and the basis of the restart. Free love without patterns or labels love for being and for life, desire at the same time for introspection and sharing ... to reflect and to get lost in liberating dances in search of self and pleasure ...
Christian Imagines contemporary clothes and fabrics but with strong reminiscences of the past, history, culture and distant places.
Brocades and embroidery that look to the beloved Venice always present in the brand's chords. The palette is a late summer sunset in the lagoon, from ocher to tobacco to yellows to blues to turquoise and Venetian red.
Jacquard ripped from the walls of decadent palaces in the lagoon are now oversized jackets and short pants. Glass bead embroideries take up the Murano glass tradition and reinterpret it in flowers and leaves almost resting on the garments. Palms as a symbol of thread-embroidered baroque, are now the stylistic codes of the brand, and adorn shirts and trousers.